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Having possessed Suzuki GT 380 from 1974 till 1975 then GT 750 in 1976, I wished to find one of these 2 models for several years, but they made rare and often required an expensive restoration. Then, at random of a change of residence, the meeting of a neighbour fascinated by " Honda 750 four ", member of merry " Team La Luciole " was going to play the role of release mechanism. The rare pearl was found in  motorcycle sale of Rouen  in May, 97. It was a model 1977 ( the last ones) and in spite of the mauve colour, it was rolling and complete. After some promenade in summer which allowed me to judge the mechanical state, the complete dismantling began in autumn, 97 to restore it the brightness of the new:

- Complete dismantling of wheels for sanding  then zingage of the spokes, "micro-billage"of center and replacement of the bearings.

- Cleaning of all the screws  , necklaces and the springs in state and zingage. 

- "micro-billage" of the crankcases, cylinder block and cylinder head then polishing with  NIKIT brushes

- Change of the axis of swinging arm and its rings, washbasins of direction  and polishing of the fork's sheaths. 

- Gritting of the frame, the swinging arm, the head of fork and stands then sanding and black painting. 

- repair and sanding of the fuel tank, headlight  and its fixations.  Sanding and, black painting, installation of  blue and gilded lines on the fuel tank then varnishing.

- Descaling and sanding of the radiator then satiny painting. 

- Sanding of the side masks, trapdoor of fuel tank, commodos, meters, brakes stirrups  and satiny painting.

 - Reassembly of the high engine after repair of the fixations of exhausts pipes and installation of several Hélicoïls.

- Some purchases were nevertheless necessary: gasket handkerchief , tires, screwery, bearings , radiator hoses, rubbers of air filter, ignition, stickers, crankcases of air filter and a saddle second-hand as new. 

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