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De gauche à droite: Alain (le Nain), Jean-Pierre (Mr le Comte), Patrice (Picasso) et André-Jean (l'Elégant)


"La Luciole"


Serge Moret
29 rue St Ladre
95270 Viarmes
Tel :

E-mail :

Claude Millard
BP 39
07170 Villeneuve de berg… Ardèche
Tel :
Fax :

Lab Motos
4, route de Belfort
25250 Medière
Tel: 03 81 92 70 36

Chez Pellet
74130 Faucigny
Tel: 06 83 40 61 84

E-mail: suzufly@orange.fr

José Cano
spécialiste Suzuki  GT 750

33510 Andernos
Tel: 06 67 60 48 88

Pièces neuves GT750
et fabrication

Emotional balance first  because when we like, we don't count:

  • A magnificent machine which I do not grow tired of admiring.

  •  The pleasure of the exits and ballads weekend riding old bikes with my friends of  Team '' La Luciole ''.

  • The amazed and admiring glance of the motorcyclists and ex-motorcyclists of the seventies on our passage. 

  • Sensations of another time, indeed I ride every day another one 3 cylinders of character but english and more recent:

  • A good way to appreciate the progress accomplished in 25 years!

Now: the financial balance: 15000FF for the purchase of the machine and 5000FF of spare parts and supplies. Naturally I don't count my works hours nor those of my "subcontractors" whom I am anxious still to thank. 


To Team ''La Luciole'' first  with from left to right: Alain ("microbillage" and gritting, Jean-Pierre (set of spokes and old parts markets), Patrice my neighbour (body , painting, mechanics, advices and big help) and André - Jean (gritting). 

The others now: 

Patrick " The zinc worker ", Stéphane (axis of swinging arm and rings), René of COTTARD MOTOS, Roland of MOTOTECHNIC and the policeman of ROUTOT (27) for the manual worker and the part-list. 

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