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1972: GT 750 J (01/72)

Perceived in the show of Tokyo 1970, it is marketed in January, 72 in the complexions violine  and emerald green. This first model of a power of 67hp distinguished itself by its double cam front brake  not really effective, conscious of the handicap, the importer proposed quickly the free exchange of the part before (discs + forks). The other characteristics: the interconnections between exhaust pipes, carburettors with cables and the ventilator of cooling, the slaps of fork and the command of starter in the handle bar. 

1973: GT 750 K (01/73)

This model has it seems known a limited distribution enough in France in spite of the arrival of the double disc front brake. In blue or old gold, the " K " is not very different in fact of the " J ". The radiator has highly-rated chrome-plated, indicators before are in the middle of the paw of headlight and either in the rear on the fixation of the optics. The crankcase of chain is chrome-plated, covers of  aluminum alternator is not engraved any more by the registration " Suzuki ", but simply covered with a sticker, whereas commodos is new. Highly-rated driving the side wedging of connecting rods on the crankshaft, the seals crankcase pumps are modified and the regulations of carburation evolved. 

1974: GT 750 L (08/74)

It's with this year that take place the most important technical changes. Mufflers lose their black tips and their interconnections. The fork has no more slaps of protection and discs and boss - cylinder are new. The side masks are less long, unmasking so the case of air filter in the chrome-plated sides. The group meter account - tour decorates of the digital posting of the engaged gear, the headlight becomes chrome-plated and circle, the radiator receives a calender and the ventilator is abolished. The proposed colours are blue and red metallic. The block cylinders receives stickers " liquid-cooled " With a new diagram of distribution and an increase of the volumetric report, the carburettors with depression in palonnier, a power  spends up 67 to 71hp in 6500 tr / mn. The torque spends up 7,7 to 8,5 m / kg in 5500 tr / mn and the final report is lengthened.

Sources: Moto Légende N°33 de 02/1994 et Revue Moto Technique N°23 de 09/76

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